A recurring theme is big, successful Nigerian businesses highlighting how they have disrupted their business sector. Even worse, researchers, writers, and consultants on business and marketing are similarly describing that tech savvy start-up with the radical technological innovation as using disruptive innovation to change the business landscape. …

Gernot Rohr & the managers of Nigerian football — An AFCON Postmortem

Gernot Rohr has a propensity for curious tactics — take his decision to play Alex Iwobi and Samuel Chukwueze, two wide forwards whose default mode is cutting inside and shooting (rather than crossing from the byline) behind the…

The league’s poor marketability is almost always tied to the public ownership of the clubs with the absence of private ownership considered the main reason for its lack of appeal to sponsors who globally represents an important revenue source.

Although private ownership might indeed engender greater attempts at commercialisation, it…

Adeyemi Adeshina

I read and write about media, marketing and sport business. I am fascinated about the possibilities presented by the intersection of sport and digital.

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